This fall we ended up trying out the YMCA soccer program here in Wilmington, with mixed results. Regardless of how we felt as parents, the boys had a blast.

Bryant’s “team” got together every Saturday morning for some exercises and games and he thought it was “awesome”…




See it on YouTube here.

This year Curtis realized how much he loves playing goalie. And we realized it is now super-hard to capture the fast moving player on camera (for some reason, no team picture yet – but if I get one I will add it!).



See it on YouTube here.

Who knows what sports they will choose for themselves someday but for now, we love watching them run so hard and learn team building skills.

There was a lot of preparation at our house as we got ready for the big day. Bryant had a hard time deciding what to be (it was a toss up between Thomas, a Space Bear, and SpiderMan) but, happily, he picked something we already had in our closet.

He seemed content as he wore the costume for hours and days before Halloween even happened (although he refused to put the mask on for trick or treating)…

View on YouTube here

Curtis was excited to be Chris Kratt when he turned into the Green Cheetah in his Creature Power Suit (thank you Internet that this costume actually exists!). He took the role quite seriously, as demonstrated at the Boy Scouts Halloween celebration, and also practiced for hours before the big night…

View on YouTube here

When Halloween arrived we got ready quite early, invited the neighbors over for a potluck, and were honored to have my mom here to celebrate with us. The excitement made if far too hard to get a picture of the boys, they couldn’t sit still, but we tried our best…

Halloween 6

Halloween 2


One of our neighbors hooked a wagon to his tractor and the kids got to ride from house to house…while shouting “We want candy!”…it was beautiful…

Halloween 3

Halloween 5



They worked hard for their candy and Curtis was slightly upset that we limited the number of houses he could visit, but all ended well…


Happy Halloween!

My Mud Run




DURING! (in no particular order)


Yes, I lost a shoe in the mud – quite early on, too!

12072735_10207977225171054_1802783207440865388_n 12087770_10207977215650816_8900634071747165489_o (1) 12087824_10207977231571214_5372298666893001730_o 12091213_10207977233171254_1688522246810416151_o 12091380_10207977249811670_6138226136801325455_o 12095009_10207977233131253_2136376440733870802_o 12095193_10207977246691592_4512475753626606120_o 12109005_10207977225051051_7715967281963481659_n 12143300_10207977221690967_8280354699637642766_n 12141072_10207977238691392_3179206300405690184_o 12141042_10207977252051726_850882181893471506_o 12140164_10207977213730768_6051964689137258594_o 12139989_10207977237451361_4425669925855721259_o 12132440_10207977216770844_6578424798496859665_o 12132409_10207977249171654_7427332707209908974_o 12110038_10207977239211405_4025162510501098082_o


12091329_10207977255371809_4007888089211202235_o IMG_1503 IMG_1501 IMG_1504

I had bruises for days and was sore in all new places. But totally worth it.

I will be sharing my thoughts and all my words on this over on my public website, but all the embarassing and infamous pictures will live on here!


One of the coolest things about living in Wilmington is that we pass an Honest-to-God Battleship (the USS North Carolina) every day, multiple times a day. It is now a museum and historical site. John and I visited this spot PK (Pre-Kids) but it had been years…and YEARS…since then. Then, after listening to our kids ask to go on the Battleship (every day, multiple times a day), we were able to find a beautiful morning while Mom and Dad were visiting to take them…


Inside the entrance museum kids are encouraged to write postcards to be mailed out to soldiers…IMG_3262

Curtis wrote one to Grandpa, thanking him for his service, and it made us all tear up…kids…IMG_3265

I have NO IDEA why I am so unphotogenic (God didn’t grant me that gene) but I stayed in the picture…


Then I got behind the camera and enjoyed taking the pictures…

IMG_3270 IMG_3271


We had to try our luck at using the guns…


EVERYONE had to try, of course…


Then we were free to roam this fantastic exhibit and ship…

IMG_3281 IMG_3285 IMG_3288 IMG_3289 IMG_3290 IMG_3291 IMG_3292 IMG_3296 IMG_3297 IMG_3299 IMG_3302 IMG_3304 IMG_3305 IMG_3313

We were all really enjoying ourselves, even though Bryant kept whining to go in the exact opposite direction we were headed in the entire time. This ship is so well preserved, labelled, and enjoyable. It was amazing to envision what life at sea for our soldiers is really like.

We were about halfway through the self-guided tour, give or take, when this happened…


Our area had been the spot of torrential downpours for days, with coastal flooding. And while this Saturday was gorgeous, the tide started to come in, drowning out the little island the ship sits on. Which is fine since it is a boat EXCEPT, you PARK YOUR CAR NEXT TO THE BOAT.

So this started to happen (and this is just the beginning)…


We were concerned we wouldn’t make it off the island in time for John to catch his flight to Brazil, so we decided to bail.

To get to our cars by the time we retrieved the entire gaggle of Carters and Barretts, the Battleship crew were ferrying people…


And we sloshed our way off the island as the water continued to rise…


We can’t wait to go back someday, hopefully soon, and check out the other half.

Don’t worry, I am sure there will be just as many pictures in Part 2.

After a long wait (in 3yo time anyhow), it was finally Bryant’s turn.

We were a little worried because this boy always takes a moment to warm up to a room. He clings to my thigh, burying his head in my shirt, and can have a hard time separating. How would he do in a brand new school, completely unfamiliar to him?

Turns out, no problems…IMG_1166 editIMG_1172 edit

He walked in to school and was immediately greeted by his buddy, Gus, who had not only done VBS with him but also his YMCA Superhero camp. No issues whatsoever.

IMG_1175 edit

It was a fun day of excitement. We’re so proud of the little man he is, and also so grateful he let Dad dress him on this day after trying hard to get into his favorite outfit.

IMG_1170 edity

Here’s to a great year, Bug!

First Day Preschool Favorites

Aug 3 final

Aug 4 final

Aug 5 final

Aug 6 final

Aug 7 final

Aug 8 final

Aug 9 final

3 Aug – moving out day; 4 Aug – ah, home sweet home; 5 Aug – a picture we sent back to our boys after a full day’s work; 6 Aug – progress! (believe it or not); 7 Aug – driving home from getting the boys, stopped in traffic, the most stunning views of downtown Wilmington; 8 Aug – our family all together at last, in our brand new home, so we celebrated with poolside cocktails; 9 Aug – because the master bedroom should look like a retreat, amiright?

Aug 10 final

Aug 11 final

Aug 12 final

Aug 13 final

Aug 14 final

Aug 15 final

Aug 16 final

10 Aug – Children’s Museum visit; 11 Aug – playground visit;  12 Aug – an early morning beach visit ; 13 Aug – that’s my baby!!; 14 Aug – waiting for the pirate ship to sail by the beach in Southport; 15 Aug – boxes, more importantly: EMPTY BOXES!; 16 Aug – surfing on Daddy

Aug 17 final

Aug 18 final

Aug 19 final

August 20 final

Aug 21 final

Aug 22 final

Aug 23 final

17 Aug – oh the toys in ATL; 18 Aug – Legoland rides; 19 Aug – playing with Legoland goods on Aunt Saundra’s and Aunt Brittany’s table; 20 Aug – somewhere behind that door are burritos; 21 Aug – open house for Curtis; 22 Aug – after watching it sail by, we get to go on board the pirate ship; 23 Aug – last day of summer vacation, and, of course, we have to be here

Aug 24 final

Aug 25 final

Aug 26 final

Aug 27 final

Aug 28 final

Aug 29 final

Aug 30 final

24 Aug – first day of first grade; 25 Aug – when the “hot” sign is lit you go in; 26 Aug – lots of days looking at that sign in carpool line; 27 Aug – Bryant and Mommy date to the Cape Fear Museum, looking at pirates; 28 Aug – afterschool beach visit to Kure Beach; 29 Aug – cousins in a hole on Oak Island; 30 Aug – despite a dreary day, the kids are excited to show our Chapel Hill best friends how we do the pool when they come to visit

Special note: I really do want to complete this project and now that 1) we are comfortably moved into our new forever home and 2) I figured out how to move my photos from my iPhone to my computer, I am good to roll. I am planning to whip our family “scrapbook” into shape and get organized again. For those of you who subscribe via email (THANK YOU THANK YOU) I will try to lump these posts and photos together so it, hopefully, won’t be too burdensome for your inbox. Now onward…
July 13 final

July 14 final

July 15 finalJuly 16 finalJuly 17 final

July 18 final

July 19 final

13 Jul – waiting out the rain storm at swim lessons; 14 Jul – summer reading; 15 Jul – sandcastles, seashells & waves; 16 Jul – killing time in a carpet store with binoculars and Curious George; 17 Jul – the view out of the front of our rental onto the street and bike trail; 18 Jul – afternoon kayaking in our new waters; 19 Jul – brothers reading in the waning summer light

July 20 final

July 21 final

July 22 final

July 23 final

July 24 final

July 25 final

July 26 final

20 Jul – leaving the ground to get a geocache; 21 Jul – bounce house mayhem; 22 Jul – YAHTZEE!; 23 Jul – Curtis photobombs every picture I take of the house; 24 Jul – tranquil; 25 Jul – date night that went “BEYOND” (get it?); 26 Jul – sandy toes again

July 27 final

July 28 final

July 29 final

July 30 final

July 31 final

Aug 1 final

Aug 2 final

27 Jul – Bryant starts superhero camp; 28 Jul – Curtis & Mom “date” at Starbucks for cake pops; 29 Jul – Curtis & Mom “date” playing mini golf (which was way easier without a 3-year-old, for the record); 30 Jul – Bryant gets a new bike (which was John’s Father’s Day gift);  31 Jul – more time at the new house; 1 Aug – then back to this life and this house; 2 Aug – ready to get the work done


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